Engaging the Autopilot (Short Circuit)

Machine Learning (AttnGAN) | Photoshop 

Engaging the Autopilot draws its inspiration from the intriguing phenomena of blackouts and power outages. The project presents a poetic exploration of a not-so-distant future where power failures become a deliberate act, beyond human control. Each power grid malfunction uncovers the profound dependency of humans on electricity, a theme that Sarsona describes in the wake of a city-wide power outage through the lines of the poem, Short Circuit.

The verses of the poem were fed into AttnGAN, an open-source machine learning model. This early generative adversarial network breathes life into the text by generating distorted, often incomprehendable, computer-rendered images that reflect the poem's themes and settings. These digital compositions serve to enhance the reader's experience, providing a visual narrative that complements the poem's exploration of our relationship with digital technologies and the irreversible consequences of an advanced AI technology. The project, therefore, stands as a poignant reminder of our increasing reliance on technology, adding layers of depth and interpretation to the original poetic vision.

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